Sunday, January 29, 2012

Get Salma Hayek’s flawless look

Salma Hayek’s make-up artist has revealed the tricks she uses to make the stars’s skin look “flawless.” The Latin beauty is renowned for being one of the most gorgeous women in Hollywood and although she is a natural beauty, the actress still gets a little help.

Beauty pro Kay Montano told Hello! Magazine the simple steps she takes when applying Salma’s make-up. “To make Salma’s skin look flawless and alive – and combat the effects of air travel – I apply peach-based foundations and concealers that are ideal for her Latin colouring,” she revealed.

“Salma has beautiful eyes. To get the classic matt-brown contoured eyes she likes, I combined a trio of Bobbi Brown Matt Eyeshadows in Sable, Mahogany and Grey, using the grey as a neutral base on the lid and blended into the crease.

“I then applied the mid-brown shade to the lid, taking it into the socket, with the mahogany used deep in the socket and around the lash line underneath both eyes.” And to give the Puss in Boots star her delectable pout, Kay only has to complete a few steps. “Salma’s naturally gorgeous lips need only to be outlined with a neutral lip liner that matches her colouring,” Kay said.

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