Saturday, January 21, 2012

"American Idol's" Best of the Worst Auditions Ever

Watching the "American Idol" auditions can sometimes be an excruciating experience, especially when the tone deaf wannabes take to the stage. However, like a a train wreck, you sometimes just cannot look away. After all, sometimes among the divas and fame lovers, you actually get someone that might not be the next Beyonce, but at least they aren't a jerk when they don't get a ticket to Hollywood. Here is a look at the some of the best of the worst "singers" to have auditioned for "American Idol."

Tamika Bush
Wow. That is the only word that can be used to describe the audition of this Season 1 hopeful Tamika Bush, which is not necessarily a good thing to say. Bush tried to belt out a Whitney Houston classic, but unfortunately her pipes just weren't up to the challenge. The three original judges (Paula Abdul, Simon Cowell, and Randy Jackson) critiqued Bush's voice, stating that she was not meant to be a solo singer. This enraged Bush, who fired right back at them in full diva mode. Simon tried to calm her down, but unfortunately he bungled the pronunciation of her name, adding fuel to an already volatile fire. Watch her audition here.

William Hung
Season 3 may have been the year of Fantasia, but it is also will be remembered as the season of William Hung. By this time, bad auditions were nothing new, however Hung's lack of attitude was quite refreshing, which combined with the sheer joy he brought to Ricky Matin's "She Bangs," helped make him an internet sensation. Hung did move on to a music career, but like most pop culture icons, his star eventually ran out of light. These days, Hung works as a Statistical Analyst for the L.A. County Sheriff's Department, which includes the assessing the likelihood of crimes in particular neighborhoods.

General Larry Platt
Most people that audition on "American Idol" try to put an original spin on a classic song, but it takes a very brave person to attempt a complete original. That is what made General Larry Platt's audition so memorable. Granted, he was never going to make it through; his advanced age would see to that. Yet, Platt was still allowed to audition in front of the cameras with his ode to pulling your pants up, titled "Pants on the Ground." It may not have been a vocal powerhouse, but the tune was still pretty catchy, and watching Platt throw in a few killer dance moves was worth the airtime he was given.

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