Saturday, February 11, 2012

Angelina Jolie ‘fan of Swinton’

Angelina Jolie thinks Tilda Swinton is a “fascinating role model”. The two stars spent much of the recent Screen Actors Guild (SAG) Awards deep in conversation. Angelina is said to be in awe of Tilda’s offbeat career and loves how she stays true to herself in Hollywood.

“She said she especially loves Tilda’s ‘up yours’ attitude toward the establishment and sees her as a fascinating role model. Angie’s totally entranced by her and no wonder – Tilda’s had her hair share of controversies,” a source told National Enquirer.

Both Angelina and Tilda are renowned for being different to the Hollywood ideal. Angelina famously once kissed her brother in public and has dated at least one woman in the past. Tilda’s romantic life has also hit the headlines, with suggestions she has lived with both her husband and lover. She denied the allegations, and Angelina is said to be impressed with how she handled herself.

“Angelina loves… her edgy, open attitude to sex, life and even her career,” the insider added.
“Now that Angie’s keen to get into more indie films, she’s obsessed with modelling herself on older actresses and would kill to co-star with Tilda.”

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