Sunday, January 22, 2012

Golden Globe Dresses: Knockoffs already available

The Golden Globes were just last Sunday, but the folks at Faviana have been hard at work creating replicas of the most popular red carpet gowns. The company is famous for their celebrity lookalike gowns (they quickly reproduced Kate Middleton's wedding dress), and if you haven't been able to get Angelina Jolie's Versace gown out of your mind all week, the Today Show presented a very similar design which can now be yours for for $258.

Faviana's celebrity recreations are very successful-there's an entire section of their site called "Dress Like a Star." But we wonder who seeks out these knockoff gowns. Would you want people to think, "Oh, she's wearing an imitation of that Angelina Jolie dress. She's even got the matching red lipstick on!" Wouldn't that be embarrassing? And wouldn't you want to be a tad more creative?

If you're looking for a slightly less obvious copy, Faviana has also created knockoffs of Jessica Alba's lavender Gucci dress (under $500), Charlize Theron's pale pink Dior Couture gown (under $400), and Stacy Keibler's red Valentino dress (under $300). Very few people could afford a $5,000 Valentino dress, but a classic red dress for $300 is doable. By the time the copies are available in six to eight weeks it's entirely possible people won't remember the original gowns they're based upon.

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